Its Probably Just Me

IMG_20170619_111453Vain + Alone in St. David’s Cathedral, St. David’s, Wales.

I have to say, my face was slightly screwed up the entire time I was there.
I couldn’t put my finger on the intention of the place…there has been a church on this spot for about 1500 years, plundered , burnt, built again and flipping denominations here and there.  I’m told there was likely a sacred well or rock or tree or something on this spot before any there was any church.  You could feel the age of the place and have respect for it in that regard, but who’s kidding who: some buildings like these wreak of fear and power, as if the structure itself is an offspring of both.  Instead of getting in touch with my Catholic roots, I obsessed on how to take a V+A shot in a crowded church.

The look of a man who does not trust where he is.

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