Vain + Alone + Troubled

The face of a man who is Vain + Alone + Troubled in Gold Coast, Australia.

This is on the grounds of a hospice we stayed at.  It was hard to be troubled by a gig gone wrong last night while folks were dying on the other side of the greenery, and my face was supposed to be bemused…it betrayed my heart, I guess.

Real Rain

Vain +Alone on Waiheke Island, NZ.

A day and a half’s rest at Gabrielle’s Art Stay…a hard to describe retreat nestled in the hills of an island about a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland. The very substantial rains kept people indoors for the most part. Preparing for the next day also kept us indoors. This was the only fresh air I breathed in, and I spent it trying to V+A.

The walk in a snowy field shot

2015-11-21 17.00.36
Vain + Alone in Avening, ON.

In the small community of Avening, there is a small community centre and a small intrepid group of people who present concerts there.  I came to watch some friends perform.  It was a great night.

The thing about the W.I.A.S.F. shot is that you really only have one chance to get it right because your footprints are a big part of the shot: nothing says “I am utterly alone here” like a perfect single set of footprints in virgin snow.

You can see I fucked it up.


The alone in a crowd shot

IMAG0573_1Vain + Alone in a school Auditorium Full of Parents.

I think I might be addicted to this V&A thing– I have no idea when it’s NOT ok to do this. The place is literally crammed with people, yet I’ve managed to look like a shadow cast on a lonely cloud.

Somebody tell me I’ve gone too far.


The I.P: Invisible Paparazzo

IMAG0515_1Vain + Alone on the street in Seattle, WA.

…and too cheap to spring for a hotel when the car would do perfectly fine.

Waking up every half hour to warm it up also had the fringe benefit of the occasional security check here in the downtown core where you’d think Hertz would have a parking lot but, no, they don’t.  

I wondered if this was a good V&A shot, but then I thought, yeah…this is exactly the kind of shot my Invisible Paparazzo would take.  Plus I was bored.  And cold.  


The Parking Garage

IMAG0518Vain + Alone in The Hertz garage I wish I’d known about a few hours earlier. Seattle.

I tried to put myself under that light you see which meant standing in the middle of the “road” of the garage, but a security guard had taken an interest in me.  After a lengthy chat and a friendly wave goodbye to the guy, I tried a couple more times, rushed by the prospect of another visit and the obvious explanation I’d have to come up with as to what, exactly, I was doing.


The Airport Shot

IMAG0497_1Vain + Alone in Denver Intl. Airport.

Actually, a packed terminal.  I must have looked like I had OCD, walking the same triangle: phone to window right; to window left; to phone; to window right; to window left…

I think my favourite part of this image is the desolation of what lay outside the window.  It speaks to me like only desolation can.  It seems like an inconsolable world out there, but the dude with the guitar strapped to his back is somehow of it while the gent on the left has turned his back on it.

Hwas nice enough to stay for the whole thing, though.


The Lucky Lighting FX Shot

IMAG0451_1Vain & Alone in Berkeley, California.

Behind me are a pair of elevators.  I have a thing for elevators:  I don’t know why.  It’s just some kind of geeky kink.  I tried to shoot me inside one of them but the hotel was too busy.  Had to settle for the non-challant stroll.  

Sometimes vanity pays off and you get a halo for your efforts.