Vain + Alone, Melbourne Intnl Airport

Vain + Alone and waaaaaaaay early for a flight to NZ.

In a nearly empty airport, it is a safe bet that you can leave your wallet to anchor your phone on the garbage receptacle to take a shot like this.  As I write, the empty row has filled with folk looking for a place to sleep.

Mundane Paparazzi

Vain + Alone in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

Hanging the washing…I had to put the phone on the top of a shed to get some good height and create the feeling of paparazzi hiding in a bush on the hill.  Strictly speaking, the paparazzi gambit is not a great fit with the V+A ethos.  The notion of someone tasked with documenting your life works better, and makes a shot like this a little more unlikely.  I’m just working out the wrinkles of this thing here.

Non-Challant Australia


When in “walk” mode, Google Maps seems to take you down lanes, through ditches, the occasional backyard…weird.  This shot is reminiscent of a V+A from New York…the old “place the phone on the ground run away and stroll non-challant like”…taken in a wee lane way.

It Had Been A While…

Vain + Alone in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

I’m not really sure if this is an appropriate V+A pic as it lacks a certain photo journalistic quality.  But, you see, there was this wall and it was black and it was sun dappled and there was me alone, and I was raised Catholic and it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…a Vain + Alone shot, not the cross thing.

You’ll be happy to know I had to stack a stool on top of a chair to get the right height for the phone.